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Are you moving? Changing schools? Here is how to let us know!


If your child will not be attending Millburn Schools next year (he/she is going to private school, you are moving out of town…) please submit a student withdrawal form through our Express Gateway update online site, accessed through your PowerSchool Parent account. (See instructions below). 


Even if you have alerted your child’s school that he/she will not be returning next year, you must confirm it through the online site. 


Address Changes

If you are moving to a new address in town, please submit your address change through the Express Gateway portal (see instructions below).


If your address change involves transferring from one elementary school to another, completing the change of address process will transfer your child to their new school.

To complete the address change process, you must provide the following residency proofs by uploading them in the system, or emailing them to [email protected] 

  • Two proofs of residency are required:
    • Primary -- Homeowners: one of current mortgage statement, current municipal tax statement or deed
    • Primary -- Renters: current lease
  • Secondary -- one current (last 45 days) utility bill, or other legal mail addressed to your name at your Millburn/Short Hills address.
    • If you have just moved to a new address in town we will accept a confirmation of utilities as a temporary secondary proof of residency until you receive a utility bill.  For example, a JCP&L service start date e-mail (usually emailed by utility company as an appointment confirmation at the time you call to set up services). 

Additional affidavits or custody documents may be required in specific cases.


How to use the Express Gateway site:

  1. Login into the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
  2. Click the applications arrow in the upper right corner.
  3. From the dropdown select “Express Gateway Update Portal”.
  4. A new window should open listing your child(ren).
  5. Click "Edit" on the first student and update any applicable information.
  6. When you reach the checklist page click “My Students” on left side menu.
  7. If you have no additional students, click the log out button and you are done. If you have additional students proceed to step 8.   You must update each child's record.
  8. Click "Edit" on the second student and follow steps 1-7.
  9. If submitting student/parent address changes, residency proofs (1 primary and 1 secondary) may be uploaded during the update process. 
  10. Questions? Email [email protected]